Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stuff to do over Summer

Summer is almost over and I can't wait. I love school and plus it's pretty boring around the house all day when it's to hot to go outside and do any thing. So here are some ideas of what to do during Summer.
You could make a lemonade stand, wash peoples cars, do chores, if you have the wii you could play that, baby sit, pet sit, walk dogs. Know I know that's not allot but it's all I could think of. That's all I have for right now. And if you have any ideas of what I could post about, leave a comment and tell me what I could write about.
BYE! :)

Monday, August 9, 2010


I have not gotten on in for like a year but I am back with a new post that you would love!!
It's about Roblox. Roblox is an online game where you can create your person, be in up into 5 groups, and play games. All of the games are in separated genres which are: fantasy, funny, adventure, town and city, ninja, pirate, sports wild west, skate park, sci-fi, scary, war, and tutorial. Now if you want to narrow down your search you can go to: most favorites, top favorites, recently updated, featured games, and search games.
You can also update your status. And if you go to your profile and scroll down you can see your Roblox badges, and your badges that you get in games. You will also see how many friends that you have, friends you have invited, forum posts, profile views you have gotten, how many times people have visited your place, how many knockouts you have, how many wipe outs you have had, and highest ever voting accuracy.
You can also build your own place on Roblox and either you can only have friends vist or have it out to the public so everyone can go to your place. But if you don't have B.C. then you can only have one place but if you do have B.C. then you can have more than one place.
B.C. stands for builders Club. B.C. for monthly costs 5.95, 6 months 29.95, 12 months 57.95, and lifetime costs 199.95. And also if you have B.C. you get 15 robux a day! And T.B.C. stands for Turbo Builders Club. Monthly is 11.95, 6 months is 44.95, 12 months 85.95, and lifetime is 299.95. And last but not least is O.B.C. . That stands for Outrageous Builders Club. The monthly costs only 19.95!! That's cheap to me! And you get 100 robux bonus for signing in.
Well thats all for right now! I hope you make an account and start playing! And BTW my Roblox name is Macie2000.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Club Penguin Cheats!!!!

Hey if you guys play clubpenguin,here are some cheats: when you play astro barrier press 1 to go to level 10, press 2 to go to level 20 or press 3 to go to level 30, also AFTER you finish level 10 wait there until you see a blue ship and hit it then it will take you to secret levels, on thin ice if you cover all the ice you will get money bags trust me it works i've done it before,when you play the dance contest, she will ask you what difficult you want:easy, medium, or hard,click on her and you will be on a EXPERT level,in the attic of the coffee place, click the library and click on the rockhopper book, and at the very end there is a friendship braclet.And thats all i know, but if you know any more cheats, leave them right here in the commet section. Please leave your name, and email(if you have one) so i can talk to you. But you dont have to but please leave your name!!!!!!! This was posted October 25th 2009.